Access this Video for $4.99Ooh La La by Rod Stewart Bagpipes (with Vocals)

Rod Stewart "Ooh La La" bagpipe karaoke backing track

Play along with the Low A on your Bagpipe tuned to 480Hz. Some of the tracks include vocals and some exclude vocals, this will be shown clearly on the track title page. We have set the tunes up for you so that you can play the lead role, and for each video that you buy you will also receive the “live” version so that you can hear exactly how it should sound and then follow along on your own to the “backing track”.


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'Don't Overblow It' Gaurantee

We believe in the quality of these beautifully crafted works and we think you will too. If you are not having the experience you expect then we will refund your money at any time up to 30 days from purchase.

What you can expect from fromKaraoke Bagpiper

  • Best Quality

    The best quality tunes without compromise.

  • MP4 Videos

    Use our MP4 videos for making entertaining karaoke.


  • MP3 Download

    Use our MP3 download files for high quality backing tracks.


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