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You will receive two videos that you can play along to with your practise chanter. One is a "Backing Track" which has the backing tune without practise chanter for you to play along to as the lead role. The other video is the “live” version which includes practise chanter so that you can hear exactly how it should sound and then follow along on your own to the “backing track”. Please note that you can access the videos indefinitely from this site once you have paid for them, but you cannot download them.

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If you are a Bagpiper, you have probably had hours of enjoyment and inspiration from playing. Music can be a great source of inspiration for people. There are some excellent examples of how music groups have been setup to teach and inspire people that may not be in a position to afford an instrument or tuition, and you will find these groups throughout the world. Why not do it with Bagpipes ?  Checkout our Facebook Causes link to pledge your support and start your own Bagpipe Circle, wherever in the world you are.

20% of all Karaoke Bagpiper Sales go to the Melbourne Bagpipe Circle to purchase practise chanters and instruments.